Welcome to realgreendaily!  We are so very grateful that you are taking time away from your busy life to spend a little time to tune into our blog each week.  Timarie and I both are very excited to be officially up and running!  We look forward to discussing a variety of topics ranging from the corporate life to motherhood to going green, as well as everything in between and how we continue to push ourselves to live/practice the teachings of yoga in all aspects of our lives.

We each have our own voice and perspective, which should bring about a wide range of topics and discussion.  With that being said, here are each of our intentions:


My intention for the Real Green Daily blog is to share my authentic pure and raw humanness in my attempts for increased awareness and pursuit of grace in my life and those of the lives I touch.  I hope to inspire readers to let go of their shields along with me, so that we all can get back to the basics in all aspects of our lives in order to experience more love, and more peace.

As a yoga instructor, it is my chosen job to pursue growth through increased awareness and mindfulness in every faucet of my life – from the foods I eat, the cleaning supplies I use, and the conversations and thoughts I have.

This blog will remove any masks I may be holding on to, and allow you to inspire me as I hope to inspire you. 


My intention in this blog is to encourage our community to be open to growth.  We all live crazy, hectic lives.  Mental AND Physical health is ignored in our country, and many people are suffering.  Yet many of us are practicing the definition of insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  

 Whether you follow this blog to bring yoga into your life or not, my hope is you will always leave each blog post with more knowledge, more understanding, more happiness, more gratitude, more humor, more self-love, or just a simple smile.  That’s it…pure and simple.