“Let go of your attachments”…I hear this statement so often in my life and on my yoga mat, my mind passes it off without much consideration.  I think, “yea, yea, I got that, I know.”  But do I really?

How often do I come to my yoga mat with a focused goal of achieving a certain posture?  The word “achieve” is key here because my mind and body become tight with this desire of accomplishing something.  This attachment to achieving is simply my ego mind speaking to my heart and body, rather than the other way around.

To really explore,advance, and to truly let go, my mind needs to LET GO, exhale, and release that idea of achieving!  To let go of my attachment on my yoga mat, perhaps I need to tone my asana practice down a notch and approach my mat from the heart.  The heart is yearning for growth, exploration, release, whereas the ego is always seeking to gain.  The beautiful part of it is, when I let go, when I let my heart explore and guide my mind – that is when I make my sweetest discoveries!

Explore this idea of letting go in your mind, become still and listen to what the heart and body have to say…it’s scary, I know, but see what you find!  You might surprise yourself.

Out beyond the ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi

If this post resonated with you, let us know!  We’d love to hear about your own sweet discoveries in releasing and letting go!