This past weekend I watched the movie Iron Lady.  There was a particular saying that resonated with me throughout the movie.  Whenever Margaret Thatcher was taking on a big challenge, digging deep to find courage or feeling insecure, her beloved husband would bring her words of encouragement, saying… “Steady the Buffs.”  This saying means to stay calm and persevere.

How often do we become insecure, anxious or unsatisfied with ourselves?  Why do these feelings show up?  And where do they originate from?

Yoga allows us the ability to understand the influences of our external world.  By doing so, we have the opportunity to reconnect with our own voice, inner wisdom, and truth.  With persistent practice, we become more deeply connected and trusting of this intuition, and the external world tends to have less of a strong hold on us.  We all are working through this stuff to a certain extent because let’s face it…insecurities are sticky, deep seeded thoughts.

What Really Matters

We live in an era of excess.  In society, it’s quite focused on what you do, how much money you make, what you own, who you know and your socio-economic status.  As a stay at home mom and yoga teacher, I sometimes become insecure that what I am doing with my life is not enough.  Someone will make a comment about my choice to stay home with my son, another individual will ask me what my “real job” is, or I’ll look at my checking account…yadda yadda yadda.  I embrace these judgements, comments, and insecurities because they downright force me to reconnect with that trustworthy inner voice.   They challenge me to take a step back, be the observer and know what really makes me happy.  (Hint:  it’s not in my bank account!)   It’s these mini challenges that make that voice louder and stronger.

Next time YOU become a bit unsure of yourself, take a step back.  Observe your feelings, move past the ego, and reconnect with that inner voice.  Trust your intuition.  Steady the Buffs.

When is your intuition the loudest? What can you do to better trust that inner voice?  We would love to hear your comments!