I’ll be the first to admit it…I’ve never been excellent at living green for most of my life.  For most of us, the evolving attempt to live greener is a slow process.  And I will be the first to admit there is still a lot of room for improvement.  As much as I would like to say my attempts at becoming greener have been completely motivated by mother earth, it’s just not the case.  Timarie and I promised to keep it REAL on this blog, so there you have it.  Just speaking the truth!  Here are a few “hooks” that have helped and motivated me to live a bit “greener”…

  •  LOVING the outdoors…it’s where I feel the most comfortable and at home.  There is NOTHING (even my yoga mat!) more therapeutic to me than a trail run or hike.  What a gift…

Ryder and me loving the great outdoors

  • Yoga training brought a little more awareness to Ahimsa (non-violence) as it relates to the world we have the privilege to live in.
  • Living in MA…come on.  Need I say more?  Living in Massachusetts where there is a farmers market in every town, going to the grocery store and being the only person using plastic bags (that was the last time), not to mention the green culture that exists up here.

First farm share crop, spinach, yummy!

  • I’m a pretty green “eco” mama.  I don’t know how it happened; I just know that from day one of Ryder’s arrival I became one.  Part time cloth diapers, organic food, and nothing but Burt’s Bees.  Yes, please!
  • Being more economically sound…Yes, by using cloth diapers, making all my cleaners at home, and using cloths as opposed to paper towels for cleaning, these actions were motivated by saving a buck.  And not having an asthma attack every time I used Mr. Clean in the bathroom.

So here is where I am at so far in this green metamorphosis:

-Reusable grocery bags

-Homemade cleaning products

-Organic farm share (first season…woohoo!)


I know, it’s not a very long list.  Baby steps, right?  But slowly, this caterpillar is metamorphing into a green butterfly.

How does this relate to yoga?  To our blog?  Creating new habits by increasing our awareness of our thoughts and actions.    Like yoga, I do not think I will become the queen of green overnight.  Just like no yogi went into shoulder stand his or her first attempt.  It takes patience, persistence, and thoughtful action.