Ok, so I’ve been sitting in front of this screen for a week with writer’s block.  I have noticed that this so called block can show up anywhere in my life.  I am sure you have had this show up as well.   Often times we label it as boredom.  For some of us, it can also lead to loneliness, depression and / or anxiety.

To take it a step further, isn’t it interesting how each of us responds to this “open space?”  And as we all know, with the convenient influx of media being a fingertip touch away, it is very easy to fill this void.  Why do we become uncomfortable with this space?  Why do we feel there shouldn’t be this sort of space left in our lives?

Striving to sit in that space

Interestingly, most people respond one of two ways when they are given the capability to be fully present:

1)      You feel you must fill up the space and create quickly.  Do SOMETHING.

2)      You don’t want to sit in this space, so you AVOID it altogether.  (Think duck and cover.)

There must be something of great value in this so-called space.  If there wasn’t, meditation would not be so heavily regarded and emphasized in yoga and numerous religions throughout the world.

Learning to embrace this space is not easy, as for most of us it pulls against our natural tendency to reach out, to want to hold on to something.  Meditation is hard work!  Being fully present and aware of our thoughts is hard work.  I feel I have just put my toe in the water on this journey.

But when we approach this space with no expectations, boundaries, limitations, or judgments, WE grow and expand into this space.  Answers begin to unveil themselves.  We learn to trust that intuitive voice inside each of us that at times can become muffled by the daily grind.

So, next time this space shows up in your life, leave the phone off.  Keep the tv off.  Keep the computer off.  Close your eyes and sit with it.  Observe how you respond to it. Are you scenario #1 or #2?  Work through it.   Learn to become comfortable with it, as the great sages of the world tell us many of the answers we are looking for are in that space.