On Saturday, we celebrated the end of our 4-week Wellness Challenge by having a Bhakti Potluck where everyone participating was able to share their favorite Wellness recipes.  The great thing about eating well; you quickly become a master creative cook in the kitchen!  At first, the ingredients needed to eat well seem overwhelming, but you’ll notice that the same key ingredients show up over and over again…and suddenly, cooking becomes really fun and easy!  (I think it’s important to mention that I was NOT raised following my Mom in the kitchen.  The kitchen is something that I’ve grown to get to know in adulthood.  For example, Sarah Oliver had to tell me how to bake fish about 7 times before I mustered up the courage to give it a try!  And if you’ve ever baked fish, you know it’s probably one of the most basic things you can do in the kitchen!  I think it’s easier than Mac n’ Cheese!)  So, that being said, you can all do this!!

Here are some items that were shared today, and they were ALL fantastic!

Click on the image, and you’ll be directed to the recipe!

Melissa’s Recipe. This is really fantastic. If you had your eyes closed, you might even think there was cheese in this pizza!

Amanda’s Stuffed Spaghetti Squash Recipe – Recipe link to come!

Bedtime Blueberries – Really easy, sweet and light recipe!

Melissa shared this recipe from tgipaleo.com

I shared this Baba Ganoush Recipe. It’s good on it’s own, as a dressing, or with veggies!