I’ve recently been practicing a method of hydrotherapy called Therapeutic Hot and Cold treatment, and thought I would share!

Why Hydrotherapy:  Water has the ability to improve circulation, waste removal, balance the endocrine (hormone) system, stimulate the lymphatic system, improve the immune system, and expedite healing by way of exposing the skin to hot and cold water.  When our skin is exposed to hot water, our blood vessels dilate, they contract when exposed to cold water – this in turn affects the entire body.

Method and How:  This method is really easy to practice every day you take a shower!  You will alternate between cold and hot water, leaving the cold water on for about 30 seconds, and the hot water for 30 seconds to 1 minute, repeating 1-3 times as needed or desired.

When you are nearly finished with your shower, slowly reduce the heat as far as you can stand it, (eventually all the way to cold.)  Allow the cooler water to cover all over your body, even under your feet!  If any of your body is sore or in pain, focus the cool water on this area.  Then increase the temperature and allow the water to stay hot for 30 seconds to 1 minute.  It’s important that you allow the body to become very warm internally before turning back on the cold water.  Repeat this 1-3 times.  Turn off the water, and dry yourself off with a towel, rubbing briskly.

As I write this, it is August and Summer is a great time to test this out as you’re least likely to be too sensitive of the cold water.   If you find that the cold water gives you less than positive results, increase the temperature, or cease practicing this method.