It’s been a crazy whilrwind these past couple of weeks in the Oliver household.  We moved across country from Boston, MA back to my hometown of Greenville, SC.  We have been excited about this move, and we only commited to these moves knowing we would end up back here someday.

What I did not anticipate was leaving Boston with sadness in my heart due to the amazing friends and students I have had the priviledge knowing these past few years.   I didn’t expect to fall in love with our little New England home, or to fall in love with Beverly, the town we called home for 2.5 years.

Going to miss the beautiful North Shore!

I know as yogis we are supposed to practice non attachment, but that concept to me is quite lonely.  Non attachement is a heavy word, and I suppose it needs to be utilized in the correct context.  So far based on my reading, I think it means to really savor what you have in the present moment.

And what I DO NOT have in this present moment is a student base to teach and work with, nor a physical practice due to lack of making time.  (I know, you are thinking…really?  You teach yoga and you aren’t making time to practice?)  I am practicing…what I said was no physical practice.

If you practice the asanas (the postures) of yoga frequently, this might be hard to fathom.  I myself am very much an action-oriented Karma yogi who adores her physical practice.  Seriously-movement for me is my anti-everything drug.   But recently, it has been quite challenging to get a physical practice into this transitional phase in our lives.

This has been a very good lesson for me…it has taught me to question what my yoga practice is when I strip it of my strongest suit.  It has made me dive deeper into meditation, study, and self reflection.  It has encouraged me to look a little closer at my lifestyle beyond the mat.  And it has helped me REALLY appreciate how sweet the asanas really are.

What is your practice without the asanas?

Have you ever taken the physical practice of yoga away and still felt like a yogi?  Or let’s get bigger picture here…think identity.  What in your life is a big part of who you are?  Have you ever taken it away for a bit to better understand who you are without that whatever it is?  Let us know what you took away or are thinking about taking way and how it affected you.