Currently, I am sitting on a log in the forest meditating.  It’s gorgeous out here…thick, lucious moss.  Huge pine trees, a babbling brooke running along side me.  And I am about 200 miles away from the closest human being.  Um, in my mind!  I mean, let’s be real.

I whole heartedly respect those individuals that have or create the time to go live in isolation and reconnect with their true selves.  Often times I envy those yogis that have the freedom to hop on a plane and follow whatever guru they choose.  Many of the teachers in our country that have gone to India for a period of time to get right at the heart of the quinessential liberated experience are those individuals I look to for guidance and try to pass their teachings along to others.

But in all honesty, I won’t have the abiity to do such pilgrimmage for a loooong time.  I prefer the sweet connections of sharing this life with my husband and waking up next to him every day.  Although some mornings are a bit too early for my taste, I love walking into my son’s room in the morning and him reaching out to me with open arms and a smile.  I like the fullfillment in keeping a house kept.  I adore the students I teach and learning from them and their stories.  In a weird way, I guess I’m trying to say I like the responsibility?

Do I go out in the forest?  Yes, to hike with my family or to do a quiet 30 minute trail run.  Have I ever traveled to India to explore and learn from where the roots of yoga originated?  Yes, in books and magazines I read:)  Have I ever had the opportunity to study with teachers that are dedicating their lives to passing their yoga lineages down the line?   You bet cha, they are what I like to refer to as “diamonds in the rough.”  It doesn’t matter to me whether or not they have a strong following (which most of them do anyways.)  What matters is do their teachings resonate with and make sense to me.

In the Yoga Sutras, there is a sanskrit terms called Svadhyaya…it translates to self study.  All of us that practice yoga know that understanding the inner workings of our minds is essential to functioning more peacefully in this crazy world.  This self study is a long, challenging journey that goes beyond our yoga mats.  As we peel the layers back within ourselves, we start to do a better job in having compassion and understanding  for ourselves.  Our so-called “shortcomings.”  And by doing so, our external relationships with others will begin to flourish.

Where the heck am I going with this you may ask?!?  I am encouraging you to share that same compassion you have for yourself with others.  You do not have to be a liberated guru to positively effect others.  Share that good energy.  Be open to building and creating new loving relationships with others.  Because we all know a loving positive person creates what I like to refer to as “the ripple effect.”  Sally feels love and joy in her heart.  Sally rubs those good vibes off on a pal and that pal picks up those good vibes and shares it with someone else.  And down the line it goes.

And if you don’t have room right now to share, that’s okay.  We all have those dark moments in our life where we just don’t have it in us to give.  That is what Svadhyaya is for, to recollect ourselves.  And I’ve been there-it wasn’t in India.  It wasn’t in isolation.  It was learning and growing in the here and now:)