Sugar and Core Challenge

How long:  21 days

When: Nov 1 – Nov 21

Where:  Wherever you are – at home, at work, in the mall, at the airport, at your friend’s house, or in the park.

Why 21 days:  It takes 21 days to bust a habit

Why Now:  Before we get into the holidays is a good time to cleanse and prime our bodies so that we make clear choices at the wonderful festivities this time of year brings!

Yay Handstand!

Why Sugar and Core together:  Both require intention, discipline and sharpening of will power.  Most will likely find either the core or the sugar challenge to be easier over the other, the one that is most difficult for you to stick to, is the one that is needed the most.  Will power is like a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to work.Cost: 1 class card or $10 (depending on your program and where you are)

How it works:


No refined sugars (desserts, muffins, coffee cake, candy, most chocolate, café drinks with sugar, fruit juices with added sugar) for only 21 days. (I would like to include alcohol since it just converts to sugar, but so do carbs, and then we’re getting into the Wellness Challenge.  Go ahead & drink your wine. J)

**Note: I will be posting healthy, no sugar, dessert ideas throughout the challenge!


Week 1: Core work 50 breaths, 7 times per week

Week 2: Core work 75 breaths, 7 times per week

Week 3: Core work 100 breaths, 7 times per week

**1 breath = inhale/exhale.  There is no core work too easy or too hard, you will adjust it to YOUR strength and situation.  I will offer ideas only!

Challenge to win – I’m changing this up!  If you post all 21 days, and have no cheats or core skips, you will earn 3 free classes!  (if you’re not a Miko Yoga student, you will earn your $10 back!)

Quick Summary:

–           Earn 1 point for every post regarding challenge – post right here, on this page @

–          7 points = 1 free class; (earn as many as 3 free classes)

–          Lose 1 point for each cheat or skip

Long Summary:

It’s important that you use the blogsite to post – this creates accountability.  Trust me, you will think twice about having a piece of chocolate, or skipping your core work, if you know you’re going to have to fess up on the blog to everyone!

For every post you make stating how you resisted a sweet, ate a sweet, did your core work and how you feel about it, sat on the couch and ate potato chips and how you feel about that, you will earn 1 point.  7 full points = 1 free class.  This means, if you post all 21 days, and have no cheats or core skips, you will earn 3 free classes!  For each cheat you have, you will lose 1 point.  In the spirit of authenticity, please be honest, you will only be cheating yourself in more ways than one if you’re not!