My son, Ryder loves when we play the piano together.  Notice I said together.  It’s actually quite commical, as he doesn’t like it when either him or I play alone.  He will not sit on the piano bench alone, and will beg “Mama, sit!”  over and over again until I join him.  If I am on the bench alone and start to play, he says “Mama, noooooo!”  and then he climbs up the bench and places his little fingers on the keys, smiles up at me and then gives me the green light by saying “Okay!”

I am forever and continuously grateful to my son for reminding me what is important in life.  The lesson HE has taught ME with piano is to stay in touch with my creative/artistic side.

Ryder and I playing Claire De Lune

Why do many of us lose touch with our creative side as we age?  Perhaps it is a result of getting caught up in the daily grind and we just don’t have or make the time.  Maybe it’s because we exist in a world where being a creative individual is not as acceptable as it used to be.  Or maybe living in the midst of a massive technology boom makes it too easy not to be creative.  Whatever it is, one thing is for sure:  many of us are not being creative.

In our yoga practice, we honor and celebrate both the collective self and the individual self.  In other words, we not only practice to improve our relationship in our external world, we also practice to improve our relationship with and within ourselves.  So why then don’t we do the same in our daily lives?  It’s easy to blame others, but ultimately at the end of the day we always have the opportunity to improve our personal relatioship with ourself.

Which brings me full circle to why the creative process is important for each of us.  Being creative enables us to fully express ourselves, to be intuitive, and to trust ourselves.  It enables us to get in touch with the true self, that inner voice within each of us that we can listen to and get to know better from a place of nonjudgement.

So beyond your yoga mat, I encourage you to start or get back to something creative.  Perhaps painting, pottery, sewing, writing, singing, dancing, playing an instrument…the list goes on.  Whatever it is, shake the dust off and enjoy.  You might surprise yourself with what type of creative process shows up!