A few days ago, I spent nearly the entire day in intentional silence with other people – no watches, no television, no phones, no internet, no facebook, no small talk – just me, myself, and Mother Nature.  It was one of the most therapeutic, enriching and inexpensive treatments I have ever participated in!  It’s something worth considering…

This time of year especially, it’s so easy to buzz around from task to task, get stressed because we’re not completing our list of tasks, start to resent the people we’re doing tasks for, get frustrated at strangers for not intuitively knowing they’re impeding on our ability to quickly complete tasks, and so on…the result is we completely lose sight of our intention for our actions and our life.  Can you relate?  I can!Green Earth Space

What is YOUR PURPOSE for this life of yours?  What is YOUR intention?  These are big questions, and I assure you that the answer is not going to come to you as you are bouncing around frantically. 🙂  As I’m learning through the Handel Method, one of the key elements to achieving true liberation and happiness is not by buying more things, (which I think most of us KNOW, but most don’t practice,) or hanging out with more friends, or drinking more wine, or getting our relatives and significant others to do EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT…the key to achieving true liberation and happiness is by identifying your Purpose for your life, and identifying your Intentions for accomplishing that Purpose.  From there, we can design our interactions, our responses, our choices, towards INTENTIONALLY accomplishing this Purpose.  Similar to how we feel in our physical bodies when we practice yoga and our joints and vertebrae are in alignment – when our actions and speech are in alignment with our intention and purpose, we feel liberated and happy.

Here’s a simple example – Most of my friends have children, and I hear all of the time the guilt they feel when they lose their cool with their kids.  Most parents want to be loving, yet strong guardians for their children.  However, when they yell, they feel fraudulent, because their intention is to be a loving and strong guardian, not a tyrant.  Why did they yell?  Because they lost sight of their intention and simply allowed the heat of the moment to take over and drive.

Creating a stronger connection to our intention through Meditation and Silence is like strengthening a muscle – we get better at it the more we practice.  For the very same reason that we all should practice Meditation, (see Sarah’s Beginner’s Guide to Meditation,) I participated in this day of Silence, of respite.  If a full day of silence is not possible for you, I encourage you to set aside a few hours.  Tell your family and friends up front about your plans to do this.  Go outside, sit in silence, journal, take a siesta from connecting to everyone else, and connect with yourself.  You will discover a lot.

With much love.  Namaste.

(I am asked a lot what Namaste means!  In the yoga community, it has evolved to mean: “the light within me salutes the light within you.”  We will write a post about this later. :))