This week my husband and I found out the sex of the bun in the oven.  It turns out we are having a girl, and we both are extremely excited!  Since I already have a little boy, as a mother this will surely be a change of pace for me.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous about bringing more Yin into the family dynamic!

Hearing the news of our baby girl has encouraged me to take a step back this week and reflect on both the feminine and masculine aspects within my life and my yoga practice.  Why is this important?  Because in order to truly have balance within the body and mind, there should be balance within both the masculine and feminine components of oneself.yinyang

As yogi Sadhguru  Jaggi Vasudev explains, we live in a masculine world right now.  He further explains that one is not any better than the other and ultimately we should strive for balance between the two.  He states that masculine ideals are becoming more dominant in our world because the world is driven by the economic engine.  So the focus is survival, which is a masculine trait.  According to Sadhguru, being nurturing and spiritual is feminine and is not in balance with what is happening in our current world.

So my question is, what can we do within our practice to find balance within ourselves?  The world will continue to turn, and if this is the physical world we live in, we still have this wonderful opportunity to restore balance within ourselves.  The change has to start with oneself.

When we use our muscular energy to place ourselves in a yoga pose, we are working with our masculine energy.  Coming into alignment, using strong breathing, and a strong will to hold and progress the pose are all masculine.  But what would your practice be like if you didn’t flow between any of the poses, didn’t use your intuition to guide your body into the right space, or didn’t keep the breath moving throughout your practice?  OR didn’t allow yourself to have fun?  You guessed it…these are all feminine qualities of our practice.

We are blessed in that most of us live in a place and time where survival within our bodies and minds is not where it needs to stop.  We have this wonderful opportunity to progress spiritually as well.  Same goes for our yoga asana practice.

Next time you take a yoga class or practice on your own, observe which qualities in your practice are more dominant.  Are you gentle and nurturing with yourself, to the point of not allowing a pose progress?  Or do you have a tendency to muscle through it all, are very good at finding your alignment, are constantly creating goals for yourself, but don’t allow any room for creativity or intution?  Whatever you discover, chances are a similiar thing is happening in your daily life, too.  I encourage you to strive to find more balance in both!