Ill bet most of you are running one hundred miles per hour right now, getting ready for the holidays. Whether its last minute shopping, traveling across country, making those last minute recipes, or preparing yourself for seeing a lot of people in a short period of time…one thing is for sure. It can be a busy sometimes stressful time of year!

When we are practicing yoga poses, ever so often we will get more wrapped up in DOING the class. We listen to the teachers prompts, try to find more space and openness within each pose, and go through all the motions. We even set our intention before class. But it seems it is what happens in between all of these motions is what really matters. We start to breath deeper, we may find a longer moment of stillness within our minds, we may discover something new in our practice that was always there but we are just noticing with broader awareness for the first time.

As yogis, why don’t we try to try to be more aware of what goes on between all the typical holiday stuff? Soak in the whole experience with an open heart. Be more aware and sensitive to the stuff in between. Be more compassionate, more patient, more grateful for the little things that happen in between the usual holiday stuff.

There is nothing wrong with usual holiday stuff…there is just so much more to experience and enjoy if you give yourself permission to.