Murphy’s Law held true again.  One week after I posted Cold Buster – 5 ways to avoid getting a Cold or the Flu in the first place, I came down with the flu!  Of course I wasn’t thrilled with feeling terrible, and being confronted with the reality that I CAN get sick.  But the truth is, I am so thankful I got sick.

Here is what the Flu taught me:

1) MOST things I think are important and MUST get done, are really not  that important.  It can wait.  The laundry doesn’t all need to be foldedthank you and put away every time.  What I wear is not a total reflection of who I am.  The world will not stop spinning if I don’t finish something at work.

2) Although I may blame others for putting pressure on me to do certain things, they are not to blame.  I am.  I put this pressure on myself.  Being everywhere for everyone wears me thin, batty, and tired.  This is no good for anyone.  Sometimes you just have to kindly say no to yourself, or to someone else.  Do what you can, and let the rest go.

3) Complaining about others or situations will not make anything better.  I had no energy to complain, and it was liberating.  Just because others don’t do something exactly as you would have it done, doesn’t mean they are wrong.  And even if they are wrong on some level, complaining about someone else only puts strain on your own body, and wastes your time.

4) Moving mindfully, completing one task at a time, is blissful.  We may have a zillion tasks to complete, and we may get them all done, and may not.  Our real choice is, how will the day end?  Will we be stressed, exhausted and wound up?  Or relaxed and fulfilled with satisfaction of what we were able to finish?  Of course we want the latter!  To achieve this, fully focus your complete attention on each task you are completing. Resist the temptation to allow your mind to split and concern yourself with what you cannot do this instant.  When I had the flu, I only had the energy to focus on one item at a time – what a treat!

5) Being able to breathe through your nose is heaven.  Finally – there is nothing better than when you start to feel better after being sick.  You appreciate every breath, the fact that you can think clearly without a headache is reason to smile, and getting back to your mat, to your asana practice, or any form of exercise, becomes an act of thankful worship.

Inhale, Life IS Good.