I am 38 weeks pregnant. 38 weeks of hormones, physical changes of the body, and growing a new bundle of love. I would be lying if I said I am one of those women that dotes over every moment of her pregnancy. Honestly I do make the EFFORT to use these changes as an opportunity to be a little more gracious, contemplative, and grounded.

Obviously this topic is consistently intertwined in mine and Timaries posts. I guess if it were simple to practice, neither of us would be teaching yoga!

So my post today is about patience. At 38 weeks, most pregnant women are ready to get the show on the road. All those little physical ailments start to interfere a bit with daily activities, and it can become quite exhausting.

When I went to the doctor this week and they told me nothing was happening yet labor wise, at first I was irritated. Why not? This is my second baby, surely my body and mind know what to do.

That’s exactly right. They know what to do. This week has encouraged me to really truly practice patience, be content with what is going on in my life NOW. Not anticipating what’s next.

How often are we stretching, obsessing and reaching towards the future, only to find we have lost the magic of the very moment we have? I encourage you to do the same today. It is such an uplifting thing to do, to stop the worry and start the contentment.

Today and now, I have a loving (and very patient!) husband who is here to help, love and support me. I have a precious son who is constantly reminding me to be fully present and has the innate innocence to back it up. I have a roof over my head, food on my table, and family and friends who love and support me in each of their own unique ways. What do you have NOW?