The Little Things

Once I get to work, my morning routine is to steep a cup of hot tea after my morning meeting.  I do this Monday through Friday without a second thought.  Knowing my love of tea, a co-worker sent me this really cool tea that has a thread-wrapped wire extending from a pyramid-shaped tea bag.  The shape of the tea bag keeps the tea from slipping to the bottom, and the wire allows you to easily pull the tea bag out of the water once it’s done steeping without burning your fingers!  On top of that, the wire has a little leaf at the end of it that bobs up and down and looks really cute.

I’m not writing to promote this tea, but to share with you my experience of happiness by this simple innovation.  On top of the great tea bag, I am drinking my tea out of my favorite mug, given to me from Ms. Sarah Oliver herself – reminding me that Life is GOOD!  And it really is.

Amidst the monotony of my routine, the simplicity of this tea bag and cup reminds me to appreciate the small things in my life.  It is truly the little things that have the ability to shift us.  In my experience, it’s not the big things that sustain happiness, (the purchase of furniture, clothes, going on a vacation,) although all of these big things I’ve mentioned are really nice, the excitement we feel for them wears off, (and our bank accounts feel the pain.)  On the other hand, taking a moment to find and appreciate the small things in your day can transform your day, daily!

I am personally so thankful for this sweet tea and cup from a wonderful friend.  What small things in your life lift your heart and bring a smile to your face?  Take some time to find something each day, and I promise, moments in your day will grow to be happier.